Carrying the fire.

Just doing my thing since '98



row row row your boat gently away from me

Merrily merrily merrily merrily please just fuckin leave

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White People: *back flips over actual KKK members*
White People: *moonwalks past real neo-nazi blogs*
White People: *goes into PoCs inbox*
White People: You're whats keeping racism alive


“yea or nay” i ask the jury. one by one they all stand up. “nay” they say. tears fill my eyes. the bill will not pass. now my son will never get the education he needs. why did i think a jury full of horses was a good idea

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I told you. All the men in my life die.
I’m not a man in your life, okay? You said so yourself. I’m a little shitpot.

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